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CT scans of the sinuses

**NOTE: One issue not specifically noted in the report concerning the use of Tetracycline and its derivatives...
Although all of my records (including the records of Zafiropoulos, Killeen and Berube) clearly indicate I am allergic to Tetracycline, these doctors (Zafiropoulos and Killeen) in succession prescribed Doxycycline (a derivative of Tetracycline) and Berube mixed the bone implant material with Tetracycline, which he placed in my sinus. In the first two incidents, upon inquiry of two different pharmacists of my allergies, they warned against use of Doxycyline. I did not have the protection of a pharmacist in the third incident. Tetracyclines are not recommended to be mixed with bone implant material, as they become inactive when combined with calcium materials in a graft.


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My Background
Medical/Dental and Business Incidents
Medical/Dental Damages
Oral Antral Sinus Fistula Caused by Gerald A. Berube (11)
Failure of Dr. Salah Salman to Close the Sinus Fistula (14)
Damage Resulting from Surgery to Close the Sinus Fistula (Hole) by Dr. Paul C. Kuo (15)
Emergency Room at Copley Hospital (16)
Failure to Receive Adequate Medical Treatment by Dr. Pan Zafiropoulos (8)


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Continuation of My Background
The Initial Medical/Dental Damages
Refusal to Properly Treat a Tooth by Dr. James R. Barton (1)
Extraction/Pulling of Tooth #3 (Molar) by C. Ronald Spaulding (2)
Failed Root Canal by Dr. Richard Kozlowski (3)
Mis-diagnosis of Excessive Gripping of Teeth by Joseph Napoli
Evaluations and Treatment at Random Emergency Rooms Begin
Continuation of Mis-diagnosis of Gripping of Teeth by Dr. Hagans (5)
Change in Treatment with Evaluation and Referral to a Canadian Oral Surgeon by John Brouwer, Denturologiste (6)
Successful Diagnosis and Treatment by Dr. Claude Rancourt


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Failed Crown of Tooth #14 by Dr. Elaine A. Brown (12)
Failure to Receive Treatment from Mohammed Hassan
Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital Emergency Room Visit
Refusal to Treat by Louis Clarizio (13)
Creation of a Hydrocele around the Left Testicle by Stephen N. Rous, M.D.(7)
Failure to Give Proper Medical Advice and Surgical Treatment by Dr. Kevin Killeen (9)
Change in Treatment at Annual Physical Examination (10)
Non-Medical/Dental Incidents
Cancellation as an Approved Attorney (17)
Non-Existing Real Estate Attachment Defect (18)
Excessive Appraisal of Office Property in Woodsville, New Hampshire and Failure to Send Tax Assessment Book to Taxpayer (19)


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Final Failure to Treat by Mis-diagnosis
Failure to Receive any positive Response
Continued government surveillance and manipulation